Why A Breakfast Service Is Extremely Important To The Hospitality Industry

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When planning a holiday many people prefer to choose a place to stay where they offer a breakfast service, this is because its more convenient for them and they see at as a bargain to the fee they paying to stay at a hotel when it comes with breakfast service. However, breakfast has many more benefits for your guest than just being convenient. Today well be taking you through why they call it the most important meal of the day 

1) It Kick Starts Your Day 

Breakfast serves as a jump start to your guests metabolism. Having a meal in the morning tells your body that its okay to burn more calories throughout the day as it is in a state of abundance. Certain foods such as Mabela porridge and Nutrific Cereal are extremely good as they are high in fibre making you fuller for longer and they are also slow release carbohydrates, they'll be able to keep you going for longer. Mabela porridge and Nutrific are good affordable staples to incorporate into your breakfast buffets. 

2) Encourages Healthy Eating Habits 

Eating breakfast allows your guests to easily reach their required daily intake of food to ensure optimal nutrition. It was uncovered in a study that people who eat breakfast are more like to reach their daily fruit and vegetable goals as they often have fruit with their Mabela porridge or Nutrific breakfast cereal. Having breakfast will also fill your guests up for the first half of the day making them ready to tackle all their activities. 

3) Big Brain Moment 

Breakfast can actually boost your cognitive abilities. As people who skip breakfast sometimes feel slow or sluggish and tend to loose focus more easily. This is due to the lack of glucose available for your Brain to use. You can get healthy glucose from staple foods such as Mabela porridge and Nutrific cereal. Thus, you want to offer a good breakfast service so that people on business or work related stays, perform optimally and associate your place with good performances and experience causing them to come back.

To retain customers it is important that you are doing everything in your power to look out for them. Offering a nutritious breakfast service will definitely be a plus for your business. 

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