Locally Produced

Embrace an intimate connection with nature as we harmoniously collaborate with our beekeepers, orchestrating our efforts to optimise the flourishing yields during the blooming season. Our commitment to the bees extends beyond the bountiful months, ensuring their sustenance throughout the harsh winter period. We either relocate them to areas abundant with winter-blooming aloes or we line our fields with wild basil, providing a lifeline of nourishment during these leaner times.

Our bees are more than just insects, they are essential contributors to our mission of sustainable farming. The harmonious symphony of honey and macadamia that they produce are nature's superfoods, delivered in their most pristine form.

Matumi Distributors is cradled amidst lush macadamia orchards, buzzing with the life of thriving beehives. Our promise to you is unparalleled freshness and authenticity in our products. By choosing to support local, you're not just buying a product - you're investing in sustainability and fresher, healthier living.

Revel in the luxury of purchasing directly from the farmer. Skip the conventional layers between farm and table, and instead, savour the unadulterated, fresh flavours at realistic prices. Experience the distinct taste of true freshness with us today!