Unbox Sustainability

Nestled in the heart of a vibrant agricultural region with a proud legacy of eco-conscious farming, Matumi Distributors doesn't just talk sustainability - we live it.

We're passionate about ensuring our recycling initiatives are as robust and impactful as possible. From this commitment, we've created a unique, environmentally friendly approach where every cardboard box we receive is repurposed to serve our burgeoning online community.

As a valued customer, this isn't just a business process - it's your chance to participate in our sustainable program, helping us to preserve our breathtaking country. By choosing to support our online store, you're not just making a purchase, you're making a statement and taking a stand for sustainability. Join us in taking one step further towards a greener future today!

The central tenet of our communication is the essential emphasis we place on repurposing packaging materials whenever possible. Our narrative is vividly portrayed through the journey of a stock item arriving at our warehouse in a box of Jungle Oats.

Remarkably, the same box is later utilised to dispatch online orders to our customers, thereby actively engaging them in our ongoing endeavour to reduce packaging waste.

This practice showcases our active involvement towards sustainability, but also empowers our customers to make a tangible difference through the transformative reuse of materials.