Best cleaning practices for your Establishment

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Hygiene and cleanliness often go hand in hand with brand image. How many times have you visited a restaurant or hotel and had a bad experience because the floors were sticky or there was a bad odour in the air or maybe the utensils weren't clean. We often associate bad cleanliness to low quality services. Knowing this we can ensure to create the cleanest most hygienic business and customers will enjoy a polite experience when interacting with your establishment. 

1) Communication is key 

Not really a cleaning practice but something that is really important to show your customers your cleanliness is to simply communicate it. Communication goes a long way as it can make your customers feel more at ease when entering your business. A recent study has uncovered that 88% of people are going to be even more cautious even after being fully vaccinated 

2) Create a cleaning plan

Having a detailed well organised schedule for a cleaning team to follow is a simple thing to incorporate into your business to ensure the cleanliness of your property as well as the efficiency in which the job is getting done. 

3) Look out for your guests 

Have PPE and hygiene kits readily available for your guests, although mask mandates in South Africa have been lifted, it will still feel nice to the guest if you can offer them a small kit where hand sanitisers and masks are included. It is also important to check the sanitiser stations regularly to ensure they are full. 

4) Safe chemicals 

Your employees are often interacting with harmful chemicals when cleaning. Thus, it is important for you to use safe clinically tested cleaning chemicals like Mr muscle paired with cleaning gloves to ensure safety of your staff. 

5) Use a tile cleaner 

Many businesses will use a standard cleaning solution like Mr muscle for all of their surfaces. However, this is not an efficient way when it comes to cleaning. Different surfaces require different solutions. Using a tile cleaner like Mr Muscle tile cleaner is important as the chemicals inside have been formulated to specifically remove dirt from tiles. The key takeaway from this point is to use Mr Muscle tile cleaner for tiles. 

6) Daytime 

Cleaning during the day and out in the open can psychological trick your customers into thinking that your place is cleaner than it is. Picture this you walk into a well lit hotel and your ready to check in, you look to your right and you see a janitor pushing a trolley with the MR Muscle tile cleaner bottle towards the dining room and he proceeds to mop the floor. You will automatically assume that the place is clean. 

Cleanliness can be a huge marketing campaign and customer retention tool that your business should be taking advantage of today. Visit Matumi Distributors to pick up your cleaning supplies today. 

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