Top 5 Ways To Make An Everlasting Impression On Guests At Your Hotel

Posted by Leeanne Potgieter on

When was the last time you received a compliment on your high quality service? Or on your diverse delicious breakfast bar? If you're looking to boost your occupancy rate you will need to work on your ability to attract and retain guests.

Put yourself in their shoes 

The easiest way to boost the quality of your service, is to put yourself in your guests shoes. You need to simulate what it would be like as a guest to see your furniture, see your decor, feel the beds and the overall experience of the stay. If you need a cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started, maybe your guests have a similar behaviour by simply including an extra few Jacob sachets in each room will leave them satisfied. 


Good customer service starts with a smile. The best things in life are often free, nothing can beat a genuine heartfelt smile. Guests might forget many of your decoration pieces but they will never forget the Check-in clerk with a genuine smile helping them check-in.


Nothing ruins a holiday like an unkept, dirty hotel room. To provide an everlasting impression on your guests you need to ensure a clean experience, as cleanliness is often associated with a more quality product. Equip your cleaning team with the proper tools required to keep the quality standard high, don't skip out on specialised cleaning detergents such as Mr muscle tile cleaner, for all in 1 cleaning detergents. 

Provide High Quality Amenities 

Everybody loves a freebie, by providing good quality amenities you are showing your guests that you are willing to splurge on them in order to improve their stay. You can Simply use a Jacobs sachet instead of a no name coffee brand in the bedrooms. These amenities will enhance your guests' overall stay.  

To make an everlasting impression on guests you will need to go that extra mile, you will have to do the things that your competitors aren't willing to do. By giving them that royal experience they will remember you for a long time. 

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