Easy Recipes For Your Hotel

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Homemade is often associated with good quality and better taste. As a business in the hospitality industry, it should be your priority to achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible. Improve your restaurant's service by offering these easy-to-make food items. 

Homemade Bread 

There are many benefits to making in-house bread. For one, the smell of bread baking is very appealing to many. Just the smell can make people hungry as well as curious, leading to more seats being filled in your restaurants. Nothing beats freshly baked bread that is still warm. As an appetiser, many restaurants serve some sort of finger food, commonly small rolls. You can take it to the next level by serving bread that's come straight out of the oven, this will leave an everlasting impression on your restaurant. Easy-to-make traditional bread and soda bread recipes are available on our website. 

Zingy Granadilla Dressing 

Do you serve a salad on your menu? Or at your buffet service? Then it should be a given that you have salad dressings for your customers to use. Try out this easy-to-make zingy granadilla dressing and broaden the variety offered to your customers. The tang added is simply marvellous and a must to complement every salad. 


Who doesn't love a good hearty lasagne? It's a simple meal made by everyone from Michelin-grade restaurant chefs to home cooks. It is a reliable and stable meal to order when out at a restaurant. Be the hotel/restaurant that can serve the best lasagne and watch as people rush in for your dinner service. Try out this mouth-watering recipe by bon appetit that emphasises the best flavours and nutrients. 

Keep it easy with these simple but delicious recipes. 

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