Menu Ideas For The 2022 Festive Season

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It is no secret that December is super essential for businesses like restaurants and hotels as tourism in December is incomparable to any other month of the year. As a restaurant, you must capitalise on this opportunity by serving exciting and delicious food. Today we are going to be looking at some items to spice up your menu. 

Granadilla mojito  

It's summertime, people are looking to have fun in the summer sun. A summertime granadilla mojito is a perfect beverage to go along with all this fun. Its blend of rum and the citrus of limes and granadilla is the perfect summertime quencher. Super easy to make: In a large Jug mix the Rum, Lime Juice, Granadilla pulp, Honey or Agave Nectar, and half the mint leaves. Mix very well bruising the mint leaves to intensify the mint flavour.

Add the ice cubes, remaining mint and lime wedges, and top up with Soda Water. You can find a Summertime mojito bundle with all the essentials at Matumi distributors

Local Food Items 

To Impress tourists, restaurants should seek to use the freshest ingredients possible. This may come in the form of using greens from a local supplier in your salads or featuring local fish or meat on your menus. This allows customers to enjoy fresh high-quality foods. 

Lighter meals 

In the summertime people are in the mood for a lighter meal, however lighter doesn't mean less. You can offer alternatives to rich sauces and more heavy meat dishes with grilled or marinated meat. Phasing in some cold soups such as a chilled creamy carrot soup or gazpacho. 

Hopefully, these food items will bring in more revenue for your restaurant this December. Find all your essentials to run a functional restaurant and hotel at Matumi Distributors, the best local food supplier and distributor.

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