The Importance Of A Welcome Drink

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There is nothing like a good welcome drink to set a great first impression on your guests, this is why all well-planned events always have a welcome drink for their guests. As a hotel you look after a lot of MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) guests, the key to these sorts of guests is to make them all feel like VIPs. Most of them are high-ranking people in their businesses and have come from far places to attend this conference. Thus, they may be tired and parched and a welcome drink is a perfect way to greet them and offer some physical relief. In today's blog, Matumi distributors will be looking at some of the best beverage options to serve as a welcome drink. 

Ricoffy Coffee 

These are perfect for the morning and colder days when everyone is garbed in thick, heavy clothing. Options like Ricoffy Coffee are super affordable and easy to make. Ricoffy coffee is considered by many to be a comfort drink and is a great way to warm up your guests as they wait to be checked in.

Twinings earl grey tea 

Can you offer coffee without offering tea? Some people do not drink coffee but would still like a hot beverage. Twinings earl grey tea is the perfect beverage for you to serve to guests in the mornings and on cold days as many people can not get their day started without it.  

Ceres Fruit juice 

Fruit juices in hotel lobbies will never go out of style because everyone is so familiar with them. Many people also believe it to be a healthy drink alternative. Ceres fruit juice is a great choice to go with because of its wide variety and the familiarity your guests have with it. Bringing a sense of comfort away from home. To get the most out of your Ceres fruit juice you should use lots of ice to tone down the natural sweetness of the fruit making it completely refreshing. 

Ciro Hot Chocolate 

A very popular drink amongst all age ranges, a hot chocolate option is especially good if you have a lot of kids coming through your hotel. Ciro Hot chocolate is a favourite amongst lots of kids and parents are more than willing to have some Ciro hot chocolate on a cold winter's day as it will warm them up. 

These are some drinks you can offer your guests upon arrival to make an everlasting impression! They are safe options and adds flare of personalisation to your hotel. Visit Matumi Distributors to get all your ingredients needed to make your guests feel more welcomed. 

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