Benefits Of Using A Local Supplier For Restaurants

Posted by Leeanne Potgieter on

In recent years consumers have become increasingly more conscience of buying local. in a survey done in Canada, the data suggests that 61% of people think that purchasing local is important and half of them would be willing to increase their budget if these local products were available. This is no difference in the restaurant industry. Today will be looking at the benefits of using a local supplier. 

Support the local economy 

The most obvious benefit is that it will contribute towards supporting the local economy. By simply choosing to use a local supplier you are actually also boosting employment rates and thus ensuring the people in your community have more money to spend, potentially at your restaurant. 

Fresher ingredients 

The average distance US grown produce travel around 2500km before being consumed, thus preservatives are used. With buying local you remove these harmful chemicals from your foods as they do not have to travel such great distances. Making your food not only better for the people consuming it but also the environment. 

Improve your brands image

Ride the support local trend now by supporting local distributors. Many people have become more conscience of where their food comes from and seek to eat from places that locally source their raw materials. You can cater to this new demographic of people and potentially earn bigger profits while also contributing to a healthier planet earth. Many people will also come out to dine at your restaurant to show their commitment to bettering the world we live in. 

in conclusion by using a local distributor you are able to kill two birds with one stone. As you address the problem of increasing revenue all while uplifting a positive brand image that is environmentally friendly.

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