Local vs Large Suppliers

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Sustainability is the new trend, and today we’ll be covering weather it might be better for you to cook with ingredients from a local supplier or to continue using a nationwide chain 

Some questions you might be asking 

  • Food quality - does local really mean fresher ?

  • Price - is the quality worth the price? 

  • Convenience - will your supplier follow through when you need them 

Although having a local supplier and using a large chain each has its benefits, the large population still believes that local is better however that is not always the case. Each business is different and thus your needs will be different. Some will suit a large chain and some would suit a local supplier. Today we’ll be going through the pros of both.


  1. Everyone loves the term
  2. It is indeed fresher as the average fruit and vegetable found in supermarkets have travelled 2 500km.
  3. Profitability up to 34% of people are willing to spend more for local food. 
  4. Support the local economy 
  5. Building a positive perception 


  1. Convenience - one store for all your needs 
  2. Cheaper 
  3. Delivery is more reliable 
  4. more variety to choose from 

While cost is always a top consideration when sourcing your restaurant, both local growers and Large vendors offer desirable benefits. So when you’re trying to decide which one is right for you, it’s best to sit down and weigh all the elements and take some time to think about what experience you’re looking to provide to your customers.

Many restaurant owners actually employ a good mix of both methods, which allows them to reap the benefits of each. This can be a smart decision if you have a handful of signature dishes that you highlight for their use of local ingredients.

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