Tips For Hotel Restaurant Management

Posted by Leeanne Potgieter on

Hotel restaurant management teams are responsible for the hotel's food service. They also have to manage, room service operations, serve meals at different points in the hotel, manage customer tabs and try to reach business goals. Hotel management teams have a lot on their plate, today we'll be giving some tips to deal with some problems your teams might be facing right now.

Make Hotel Guests Feel Special

All guests visiting your restaurant should be treated with the same courtesy, however, you should treat Hotel guests like VIPs because they've already spent a large sum of money to stay at the hotel. Use a customer relationship management platform that can identify hotel guests from walk-in guests. With this information, your team will be able to roll out the metaphorical red carpet for your guests.
The same CRM platform can also be used to identify regular customers. Guest profiles can show guests' preferences such as seating preference, dietary restrictions and spending history. Allowing your team to deliver the best customer service possible. When you deliver great customer service to regular locals, you will be able to get past the shoulder season.


The service at your hotel should be consistent no matter where the guests go, this means the customer service experience at the check-in counter should be consistent with the service at the dining areas. Many guests are convinced that hotel restaurants should have better service than standalone restaurants.

To deliver a more consistent experience for your guests you will need to ensure that your service team is well trained as well as manage external factors such as the reliability and quality of your suppliers. The use of a local supplier could be the solution to your problems, as they have better response times and fresher produce.

Abundance Of Choice

Having a wide range of different foods and beverages is a great way to accommodate your every guest's pallets. A simple way to expand the choices on your menu is by incorporating weekly or daily specials as well as seasonal menus. This will also strike interest in locals to come and taste these new items. One of the benefits of using a local supplier is that you're able to get your hands on fresh seasonal ingredients to accommodate your seasonal menu

Hotel restaurant management is to balance between appealing to locals while still making hotel guests feel like VIPs. To achieve these goals you will have to deliver consistent, impeccable service.