Why All Restaurants Should Have Seasonal Menu Items

Posted by Leeanne Potgieter on

Signature dishes are important however having an ever-changing and exciting dish could be hugely beneficial to your restaurant. Seasonal dishes are a simple but effective way at spicing up your menu while taking advantage of the fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of serving seasonal dishes:

More marketable campaigns

By having seasonal dishes you have an extra weapon in your marketing campaigns. You can roll out online marketing campaigns using social media posts to bring a spotlight onto these new dishes. You could even sponsor an event like a local school sports day, where people can get a taste of these new fresh flavours. The ever-changing items always gives you a channel to engage with your customers. If you're having trouble with Online marketing through social media click here

Create Buzz In The Kitchen 

Boredom is a serious problem for employees of the food industry. By having seasonal items on your menu it can squash this boredom as the chefs and servers are dealing with new items every season. They can even help brainstorm new ideas for the upcoming season. Make sure to use the relationship built between your chef and local distributor to organise all the ingredients needed.

Brings Butts Into Seats

Seasonal dishes bring out a freshness in a dish. These improved flavours will be noticed by your customers. It's important to fully utilise the current seasonal harvest as this will make it easier to keep the right types of ingredients with current food trends. 

Holiday dishes 

Having Holiday dishes is great way to boost the customer satisfaction in your restaurant, as it allows your customers to savour the flavours of the season whether that be peppermint crisp during the Christmas holidays or a nice Dutch Oven Whole Roast Chicken for Easter 

Seasonal menu items may cause additional work and require some planning. However, the extra effort will be rewarded when you see the faces of your customers as they see your fresh colourful new dishes. 

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