Top Hospitality Trends Of 2022

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Since 2020 all industries have taken a shift, this also includes the hospitality industry. During this new period of transition between pandemic to normal life, there will continue to be changes. It is very important that you keep up or you will end up being left behind. As a local supplier that caters for many many businesses in the hospitality industry, we'll being taking you through the insights of these new trends in 2022. 

Creating a package that offers a total guest experience

  1. Health And Wellbeing: After the pandemic, guests have become even more cautious about their personal health and well being. Businesses that are able to anticipate and cope with these new health concerns will portion themselves in a much higher position than those who can't. This also takes into account for the guests mental health, you could offer different classes such as meditation, yoga and Pilates to ensure that your guests experience  a happy balanced life while on their stay. 
  2. Experience Local: The reason for travel for many is to open up their mind or broaden their scope of vision. Thus when guests arrive at your hotel they hope to have an authentic experience of the local culture. This includes the arts, activities, food and music in your Hotel. To best ensure the authenticity of the experience businesses should use local suppliers and businesses as much as possible.

Streamlining the guest experience 

By always keeping up with technological advances and new ways to improve your hotel operations, you will be able to elevate the guest experience to unforeseeable heights. An example of this is something that has been used for ages in the domestic flight industry. Self check in, many hotels now have an option to check in online, this cuts down the time needed to be spent at the front desk. 

Many Hotels have also renovated their buildings to accommodate for the new work trend where 16% of all companies are now fully remote. The hotels have built their own entire floors where there are multiple workspaces. People staying at the hotel are able to use to ensure they have good strong wifi and a quiet space to complete all their work during their stay. 

The changes to the hospitality industry can be very overwhelming, given how fast the industry is changing. However, with the right approach, you can make the right changes to your hotels operations in order to take full advantage of these changes for commercial success. What is clear is that it will be the proactive managers and businesses that will stand at the top. 

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