How to identify the best local food supplier for your Hotel/Lodge

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It’s not possible to have good service without a good local supplier. Both things go hand in hand as to fulfill all your customers desires you need to have the freshest most vibrant selection of food readily available. Today we are going to help you choose the right local food supplier by looking at Matumi distributors 

What to look for in a good local food supplier 

  1. They sell quality. A good local food supplier will have your needs in mind at all times and is able to cater to those needs. 
  2. They have excellent delivery services. They always make deliveries on time and when you need them. 
  3. Fair priced. Their prices are fair, products are quality and you know where the products are coming from 

Matumi distributors represent these qualities perfectly as they understand how their performance is crucial for the success of the Hotels/Lodges, thus they move heaven and earth in order to try to fulfill all their needs.

Before choosing a local supplier you need to ... 

  1. Create a List. You need to have an organized document of all the things you need, a list is an easy way to communicate to the suppliers.
  2. Create a budget, this allows you to monitor your expenditure margins and will allow you to set up profit margin etc. 
  3. Create a link between the suppliers and chef. The most important relationship will always be between the chef and the suppliers as the chef knows what products are needed to complete the dishes, thus setting up a relationship between them early could hugely benefit the business. 


How to find good local food suppliers 

  1. Check credentials 

You can verify a local food supplier reputation through industry colleagues and even check their annual evaluations. You can also request important licenses and inspection accreditations. It is paramount that the company be up to date with the food safety standards.

  1. Choose nearby food supplier

The quality of food will always be better if you order from a zero kilometer food supplier of fresh products. As the products will be sourced locally. 

  1. Have a backup

 in the tragedy that the main food supplier isn't able to deliver on time for a major event it's crucial to have backup plan already lined up 

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