5 Ways to Improve Food and Beverage Service in the Hospitality Industry

Posted by Leeanne Potgieter on

Providing great food and beverage is one of the two main principles in running a successful business in the hospitality industry. However, a lot of owners struggle with investing efficiently to create reliable menus to satisfy their customers year round.

    1.  Get clear on what you want to offer 

It's very important for a business that offers food to know exactly what quality of food they want to bring to the table. By discussing quality with all employees and suppliers, it leaves no room for assumptions. Ensuring good consistent quality is the 1st step to running a successful business. 

    2.  Get the right supplier 

Getting the right supplier will ensure that your staff will always have the adequate ingredients to satisfy the customers wants and needs. You wouldn't want your employees always having to make excuses to your customers, as this will cause both to lose faith in the business.  

    3.  Integrate technology 

Keep up or be left behind. In today's age of technology, the hospitality marketplace is constantly changing and it is important that you embrace these changes. Remember to implement these changes otherwise you could risk being left behind by your competitors. An example, is using a supplier that can be easily ordered from through a well designed website, this will save you lots of time.

    4.  Learn from customer suggestions/criticisms   

It is important to be open to feedback. By opening up to your customers' feedback, you'll be able to not only improve your product but you'll also build a stronger customer relationship. Customers will feel more important and heard. An effective way to deal with complaints is to apologise and take action, you can even offer a small freebie.

    5.  Build a team with a heart of hospitality 

When hiring, it might be easier to look at qualifications and experience however try to look for a heart of hospitality in your employees. The difference will definitely be noticed and your business will be associated with outstanding customer service levels. 

In conclusion, to run a successful food and beverage service in the hospitality industry you need to put the customer 1st and use a customer driven approach at all times.

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