7 Simple Steps To becoming A Distributor

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Starting a distribution chain can be a daunting task, as you must have the capabilities of identifying trends early and riding these products into success, however it is a very lucrative business model that represents 7% of the private industry GDP for the USA. Today we will help you kickstart your journey to becoming a distributor with 7 simple steps to becoming a successful distributor.


  1. Choose a strategy

The first thing you should think about when becoming a distributor is choosing the strategy in which you will interact with the end user. Will you be a wholesaler to supermarkets? Or will you be like Matumi distributors and sell to lodges and hotels?


  1. Pick a Niche

Choosing a Niche is important as it allows you to do better research into that specific market making you more likely to succeed as a distributor. Matumi distributors focuses mainly on Quality foods and long-lasting supplies.


  1. Network

Being connected is extremely important to your success, you must have good communication which is open and available with your clients in order to succeed. Matumi distributors started off with Adam and Sarah Wood contacting a handful of customers and started providing the small group with supplies, the item list eventually grew from 10 to 2500 over time. Communication is key!


  1. Have a team

It’s very hard to manage such a large operation on your own, having a team or a someone else that can bring different skills to the table is a huge advantage at effectively running any business. Matumi distributors believe that every person is integral in making sure that their service is excellent


  1. Get Legal

You want to make sure that you have all the paperwork and permits in order, you don’t want to run into legal problems because you chose to overlook this step. Matumi Distributors is a Registered company.


  1. Logistics

Be efficient over your Stock, try being as logical as possible as to where you store your products, doing this can lower your expenses as the travel time between your suppliers and clients will be minimized, Matumi distributors are based in Mpumalanga and a lot of their clients are game reserves situated in Mpumalanga.


  1. Keep Up

Keeping up with technological advances in very important in the success of your business because if you don’t, you will be left behind and out done by competitors that embraced these new pieces of technology. Matumi Distributors has an Ecommerce store because it is estimated that ecommerce will constitute 20% of sales growth. Matumi distributors always strives to be on top.


Now that you have the knowledge to becoming a distributor, start by putting in the work to required to become a reputable distributor. If you need further inspiration visit Matumi Distributors, for more information regarding the supply of quality foods & long lasting supplies.

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