About us

Our Story

How We Started

Matumi Distributors was founded in 1998 by Adam and Sarah Wood. At the time, they noticed customers of Matumi Fresh logistics were continuously requesting dry goods & items. Adam and Sarah saw an opportunity and decided to start buying and supplying these items themselves.

Starting with just 10 items, Matumi Distributors has grown over the past 21 years to offer a diverse range of over 2500 products. Despite facing tough competition from multinational companies, Matumi Distributors has remained committed to providing exceptional service to its customers.

We take pride in our custom service, which goes beyond the order sheet. Every member of our team is dedicated to maintaining the high service standards our customers expect from us. As we continue to grow, we are always looking for new delivery routes to better serve our expanding customer base.

Our goal is to grow sustainably and forge long-lasting relationships with our customers without ever compromising on service. Today, every one of our initial customers is still a loyal supporter of Matumi Distributors, and we are grateful for their ongoing trust and support.

Product Sourcing

We go that extra mile to assure that we have what you need in stock.


Direct communication with our offices and warehouse.

Double Deliveries

Ordering: Monday & Thursday | Delivery: Tuesday & Friday

Unrivalled service

Every order is accurately and efficiently fulfilled.

Community Outreach

We are dedicated to assisting local villages in Mpumalanga by providing aid to communities that are struggling with socio-economic issues like poverty and lack of access to basic needs. Our community outreach efforts have been focused on providing basic essentials like food, clothing, and household items to these communities.

We have been actively engaging with local NGOs and community leaders to identify the most vulnerable communities and provide them with the necessary support. Matumi Distributors has also been organising various fundraising events to support their outreach efforts.

We are thrilled to share that Matumi Distributors has made an incredible impact to local communities in Mpumalanga through unwavering commitment to improving the lives of those in need. Our community outreach efforts have brought about positive change by providing essential aid and support to vulnerable communities in our country.